27 Photos to Ignite Your Wanderlust: Seville Attractions

    The magical Plaza de España in Seville Spain

    We have told you before, Seville is an amazing destination! This time, we will show you exactly what we mean. This city in the South of Spain is the definition of beauty, and you’ll be surprised by the amount of things to do. Yes, Seville attractions are plenty and photo opportunities are endless! Here are 27 photos to ignite your wanderlust, along with 12 reasons why you must visit Seville.

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    Winter Travel Inspiration: Recap of Our Season

    The Two Find a Way couple at the top of the mountains in the North of Italy

    Once upon a time, Winter was the season we used to travel the most. As full-time students, we had a whole month between semesters to use for travel! Winter is off-season for most of Europe, making it perfect for the way we travel! We always prefer to avoid the crowds, and our low budget also thanks us for choosing the most affordable time to travel. However, now that both of us are full-time workers (with no vacation time) and still students, we can only travel during the weekends. And traveling during the weekend has nothing budget-friendly about it. Nevertheless, we were able to visit two new places which we are eager to share for some Winter travel inspiration! Read more


    Spring Travel: 8 Destinations You Can’t Miss

    Spring travel in Seville is a dream as the city turns into a garden filled with beautiful flowers

    If, like us, you’re in the northern hemisphere, you are probably counting the down the days until Spring. These last few weeks of Winter have been making us especially nostalgic for sunny days and dry pavements. It has been raining non-stop in Lisbon for more days than I can count with my two hands! We know rain is necessary, but it’s not very practical for city-life. That’s why we’ve been thinking so much about the following destinations, which are absolutely perfect for Spring travel! Read more


    Visit Italy: 9 Things To Know Before You Go

    Bergamo is a gem you must see for yourself when you next visit Italy

    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… That’s Amore! Is this the song that comes to your mind when you think of this country? Amore is the Italian word for love and yes, it’s easy to fall in love with Italy! We’ve all seen it in the movies, in our history books and if you’re like us, on our dreams! We’re not the only ones who dream about travel destinations, are we? We finally made our dreams come true and a lot of things were exactly how we imagined… Some were not. In the great spirit of sharing, here are some things you should know before you visit Italy!

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    5 (Free) Viewpoints in Portugal You Can’t Miss

    The beautiful Casal de Loivos viewpoint in the Douro region in Portugal

    Portugal is small in size, but there’s no shortage of things to do and views to appreciate. For that reason, it may be difficult to actually decide on which ones to include on your itinerary when you visit our country. That’s why in this post we decided to compile 5 viewpoints in Portugal that you absolutely can’t miss! Plus, they are free, so there’s really no excuse not to go. Read more