5 Things You Have To Do in Amsterdam

    In the city of Amsterdam sunsets by the canals can be very magical

    Amsterdam is quickly turning into one of Europe’s most beloved cities, as well as one of the most visited. There is a lot of information about the city around, but some of the things we loved the most aren’t always featured on the lists we’ve seen. That’s why we decided to put them together on this post: the 5 things you have to do in Amsterdam. Read more


    Our Erasmus Experience: Exploring Central and Eastern Europe

    View to a cloudy Tallinn in Estonia

    We started this series with our love for Warsaw, wrote about exploring more of Poland, and now our last Erasmus related post is all about the places we got to explore in Central and Eastern Europe! Having lived in Portugal all our lives, moving to Poland was mindblowing in terms of traveling possibilities. You see, Portugal only borders with Spain, whereas Poland has borders with seven (!) different countries. We had our savings ready to be spent and this travel journal ready to be filled with plans and adventures.

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    Our Erasmus Experience: Discovering Poland

    Glowing Sunset over the city of Krakow in Poland

    There was a very specific reason why we chose to do our Erasmus in Warsaw, which we fully explained here. When we realized that we were going to Poland, we started to search more about the country. We found a vast number of places we knew we had to explore. Poland is Europe’s 9th biggest country and there is a lot to see. We made some plans and were lucky to travel with wonderful people. We are also thankful for everyone who took us in their home. These are the Polish cities we managed to visit in 5 months living there! Read more


    2017 in Review: Memories and Takeaways

    We were absolutely mesmerized by Kotor's beauty

    We love the new year. Yes, we understand that time is a human construct and that calendars are especially meaningless for the universe. However, they matter to us. They are a great way to hit pause, look forward and look back. This post is mostly the latter. We’ll be looking back at our 2017, our most memorable experiences and some of the things we learnt. I started the year with a Facebook post (yes, we still use it) about my dream of visiting Kotor. At the time I was wishful thinking, because I felt it would take us a while to actually be able to go… but last Summer we made it, and it was more beautiful than we could’ve dreamt (the picture above is a bit of evidence). Read more


    Autumn Favorites

    Autumn feelings and colors in a Park in Amsterdam

    Never before has there been so much to try out. It is impossible to keep up with everything, especially when you have a lot of interests! That is why we love ‘Favorites’ posts… They are a great way to find new things to see/do/taste/listen without getting too lost on the endless maze that the internet is. We hope to present our contribution. At the end of each season we share something we think you might love too! You can still try out some of the things we shared in the Summer, but now it’s time for our Autumn Favorites.

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