28 Photos to Ignite your Wanderlust: Visit Zakopane

We’ve been dreaming of exploring Zakopane since we lived in Warsaw and spent our Erasmus days in Poland. When we finally did, we were astonished by this amazing town in the South of Poland. We’ve gathered 28 photos that we’re sure will ignite your wanderlust and make you add Zakopane to your dream destinations as well. Yes, we believe you need to visit Zakopane!

We still have one month left of Winter in the Northern hemisphere. So it’s the perfect time to share these photos. Winter is the underdog of seasons for traveling, but we can’t understand why. There are so many perks to traveling during this time of the year, and one of them is definitely the snow. It makes everything more magical. And if there are mountains involved? That’s the ultimate definition of paradise!

Without further ado, here are the photos, and 10 reasons why Zakopane is the ultimate Winter Wonderland!

To start, you can get a central and unique double room with these views for less than 50€ a night (during the high season!)

Beautiful winter scenery from our hotel room in Zakopane PolandBeautiful winter scenery from our hotel room in Zakopane Poland

The mall looks like this

The Zakopane mall is unlike any other you will see and even prettier in the Winter

And the market has everything you need, as well as a whole lot of beautiful things you don’t need, but will want to buy anyway

The Zakopane market is filled with souvenirs that will keep you warm
The market in Zakopane is filled with traditional products including delicious cheese

The streets are filled with cheese stalls (yes, they exist!), beautiful beer alleys (they do too!), sweet street food and cozy cafes

Snowy scene in the Krupowki Street in ZakopaneThe delicious cheese of Zakopane
Zakopane is filled with places to grab a warm sweet bite of delicious pastries
Quintessential Winter scene in Zakopane's fairytale town
Warm cozy cafe in Zakopane on a cold Winter day

If it’s not too cold, you can enjoy all of this tasty food in gorgeous terraces with crazy views

Beautiful scene of snow covered terrace and a backdrop of staggering mountainsAn empty terrace on a cold and snowy Winter day in Zakopane

You can also find unique wooden churches in the middle of the mountains

Church in the Mountain Visit Zakopane PolandSaint Clement's church is Zakopane's oldest

And museums that look like this

Zakopane Style Museum is a must visit if you are in the city
The Zakopane Style Museum is beautiful and a must visit in the region
The Museum of Zakopane style is an architectural gem and specially beautiful covered in snow
Inside of the Zakopane Style Museum you can find typical furniture

Yes, the architecture is wonderful

The Technikum Budowlane in Zakopane covered in snowTypical sight in Zakopane PolandTraditional architecture in Zakopane in the south of Poland

But the mountains make Zakopane the ultimate Winter Wonderland

View to the mountains from the Gubalowka mountain in ZakopaneAmazing snow covered mountains in Zakopane in the South of PolandSnowy mountain scene in the South of PolandRui in the middle of snow storm on the Tatry mountains in Poland

By the end of your trip, you’ll seriously consider moving into a cabin in the middle of the mountains

A charming cabin at the top of the Tatry mountains in PolandTraditional snow covered Winter scene in Zakopane

Zakopane is an amazing town in the South of Poland that is worth visiting any time of the year. We are hoping to go in the Summer to do all the hikes that the snow stopped us from doing. We can’t wait to explore the Morskie Oko and actually see the peaks of the Kasprowy Wierch.

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Have you ever been to Zakopane? What are some of your favorite Winter destinations?

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You need to visit Zakopane, the ultimate Winter Wonderland in the South of Poland. Here are 28 photos that will ignite your wanderlust and 10 reasons why you need to go now!
You need to visit Zakopane, the ultimate Winter Wonderland in the South of Poland. Here are 28 photos that will ignite your wanderlust and 10 reasons why you need to go now!

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