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Welcome to Two Find a Way! Rui & Maria here. We’re a young couple from Portugal, and as our blog title suggests, we’re trying to find a way. What do we mean by this? Well, that’s a question we have ourselves. Finding your way in life is a long and difficult process filled with countless tails of trial and error. It’s super daunting to do alone, but trying to find a way as couple adds a whole new layer of complexity to the puzzle.

Although we’re very different people, there is one thing that characterizes us both: infinite wanderlust. We love travelling and truly aspire to see the world and fill our lives with unique experiences. This is a big challenge as we’re both studying and working at the same time, with very limited resources (fancy way to say money).

So how do we do it? Stick around and we promise a bunch of tips and tricks on how to make it possible. We’ll also share a lot about our trips, from city guides, to itineraries, and what everyone really wants to know about… our budget! Furthermore, expect a lot of photos. We’ve always loved to capture our trips and daily lives, but nowadays we’re actually focused on learning more and improving.

Looking back now it makes all the sense that we started falling for each other on our school’s trips. Being outside of your comfort zone makes you more honest and brings you closer to who you really are. Yes, we’re high-school sweethearts, and the inseparable kind that still texts each other all day after all these years. We’re also that crazy couple that moved in together at seventeen (from Porto to Lisbon), and then moved again two years later to Warsaw, even if only for six months. We’re young but filled with stories to share.

Two Find a Way: We’re Together…

… but not the same: so here’s a bit more about each of us.


Two Find a Way About Us Rui
Rui in Blagaj Bosnia and Herzegovina
Maria by the sea at Our Lady of the Rocks near Perast in Montenegro


Two Find a Way About Us Maria

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