Autumn Recap: Inspiration for Your Next Trips

Ria Formosa and a pink boat seen from above

After a Summer filled with adventures in Portugal and abroad, Autumn was a much slower season. In terms of travelling, that is. Rui started working and I got back to work. It has been really hard juggling everything, including school, this blog, and actually having a life and spending time with our family and friends. We have two trips to tell you about, but we made many more between Porto and Lisbon, so we’re adding small sections about them as well.


Algarve is one of Portugal’s best known areas, and it’s easy to know why. When you know how to dodge the tourists and escape to the secluded beaches, it really is paradise. We only had a weekend in the South of Portugal, but it was worth so much. The weather was beautiful, the food was amazing, and it was the perfect way to recharge batteries.

We stayed in Santa Luzia, near Tavira. It is the place where Rui used to spend his Summer holidays when he was younger, so it holds a lot of special memories. It is great to hear about them, and create new ones. We divided our time between Praia do Barril and Cacela Velha, and you must explore these areas if you find yourself in Algarve! We also took the opportunity to get some drone shots of these stunning areas.

Aerial view of boats in the Ria Formosa Portugal
Ria Formosa in Algarve as seen from above
Town of Cacela Velha in Algarve in the south of Portugal
Stunning sunset in Algarve's Ria Formosa


We have a big family and somehow (almost) everyone seems to celebrate birthdays in the Fall. It means that we know exactly when we’ll be going to Porto, which is actually not a bad thing (as I am a planner by nature). Plus, it also means a whole lot of cake, right before the holidays… what is there not to love?

Though our time in Porto is very limited while we’re working (less than 48 hours at a time), we still try to explore a bit of the city. Autumn took its time to be noticed here in Portugal, so we still had some warm and sunny days to enjoy. We used them to explore one of the city most beloved areas, Ribeira.

Boat cruising the Douro's river in Porto
Rui by the river in Porto
Row of houses in Porto's Ribeira area
Typical street in downtown Porto in Portugal
Postcards in Porto Portugal


Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most adored cities at the moment, and one that we were eager to explore. The prices were stopping us from going, but we decided to take the plunge and went during a long weekend in December. It was the best decision ever! Surprisingly, it ended up being the cheapest trip we’ve made. In the end, it only costed 20€ for the two of us – yes, there’s no zero missing! It was that cheap – there’s a post coming out about how that was possible! And, more importantly, we absolutely loved the city! The cinematic canals, the laid back vibes, the amazing architecture,… There are many good reasons why everyone is crazy about Amsterdam!

We know there is already a lot written about the city, but we’ll also be adding to the collection with our best tips.

Sunset from the top of the Nemo Museum in Amsterdam
The amount of bikes in Amsterdam in The Netherlands
Warm tones in Amsterdam's Vondelpark during Autumn
Us in the Amsterdam canals in a cloudy day


At least for a while, Lisbon will keep coming up in these recaps. After all, it’s where we live, so mostly where we spend our time. The majority of our time is spent working, but we try to also get out and explore the city, both the bits we know well and the ones we have yet to explore. The downtown area is one we always go back to, it’s perfect for a nice walk and some unwinding in the weekend. We started Autumn climbing to Rua Augusta’s Arch to get yet another view to the city. There are many free viewpoints in the city, so we wouldn’t call this one mandatory, but it does present a different perspective. We finished the season in warmer clothes doing some Christmas shopping and appreciating the decorations.

View from the Arco da Rua Augusta in Lisbon Portugal
Entrance to Vida Portuguesa in downtown Lisbon
Christmas decorations and lights in Lisbon Portugal
Christmas decorations in downtown Lisbon

In Portugal, Autumn only started towards the end of November. In a way, it made it actually harder to live our responsible adult lives  as we saw all the possibilities of all the places we could explore with such nice weather. At the same time, we know we’re lucky to get as much sun and light as we do here in Lisbon. We tried to take it all in, even though we mostly had to do it from an office window.

What about you? How did you spend your time this season?

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Autumn is a great time to travel through Europe, the streets are less crowded and the prices are lower. In this post you can find inspiration based on our own experiences traveling and exploring this season.
Autumn is a great time to travel through Europe, the streets are less crowded and the prices are lower. In this post you can find inspiration based on our own experiences traveling and exploring this season.

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