Autumn Favorites

Autumn feelings and colors in a Park in Amsterdam

Never before has there been so much to try out. It is impossible to keep up with everything, especially when you have a lot of interests! That is why we love ‘Favorites’ posts… They are a great way to find new things to see/do/taste/listen without getting too lost on the endless maze that the internet is. We hope to present our contribution. At the end of each season we share something we think you might love too! You can still try out some of the things we shared in the Summer, but now it’s time for our Autumn Favorites.

Having Pomegranate Juice during AutumnPomegranate Juice

You might have been expecting something a bit fancier, but we are here to tell you that this is the nectar of the Gods. We are talking about fresh juice,made from actual pomegranates, and not the ones you find boxed at the supermarket. We first tried in on Pocitelj, a small village in Bosnia and Herzegovina and were blown away. Making the juice is a process: you have to get all the seeds out of the fruit, juice them using a food processor and then carefully strain the pulp. Yes, it takes a while… Plus, the kitchen ends up looking like a murder scene, but it is 100% worth it!

Stranger Things from our Living RoomBinge Watching

We love watching movies and TV shows. We can count with our hands the small amount of movies we’ve watched. However, we do have some shows to recommend you! We usually have dinner with Netflix on. This means that even though we have been very busy, we have been able to keep up with our favorites and find new ones. Starting off with the show we binge-watched this Autumn: Stranger Things. We loved (most of) season 2 and are counting the days for the third one (not really, because there are still maaaany days to go). On Netflix we also loved Mindhunter. If you are a fan of crime dramas with a twist, go check it out!

Rui binge-watched the Brazilian dystopia 3% in almost under 24 hours, and kept up with new episodes of Lucifer (while ironing). For me, it was all about getting addicted to two completely different shows. The first, Skam, is a very up-to-date Norwegian teen drama. The second, House Hunters International, is a strangely addictive though not-so-real show about buying or renting houses across the world.

Our Autumn Playlist

As we might have read here, we have mostly spent this season working (and making pomegranate juice). This means we listened to a lot of music, but not necessarily a lot of new music. Sometimes it’s hard to find explore the latest releases, and we fall back on old favorites and/or Spotify-prepared playlists. We did find out about some new artists which are now permanently on our playlists such as Jorja Smith and Sabrina Claudio. If you are curious about the songs, you can go and follow our Spotify playlist or just listen to it right here.

Yes, indeed half of the song are part of Skam’s soundtrack… The addiction is real!

Mez Cais restaurant food in LisbonZomato Gold

This one is specially useful if you actually live in Portugal, as it is connected to the restaurant app Zomato. However, if you’ll be traveling or staying here for a while it might be a good choice for you as well!

Zomato Gold is a subscription-based service which allows you to only pay for one of two dishes (the most expensive one, of course) when eating out at one of the partner restaurants. In theory, it is great if you love eating out and trying new places, specially because it does have quite a few restaurants both in Lisbon in Porto. However, it does come with some issues: some establishments aren’t prepared to apply the discounts, restaurants disappear for the partner page and are constantly changing without warning, and it’s not always easy to know what dishes from the menu are actually included in the promotion. Despite these troubles, we did save quite a lot. We paid less than 20€ for a 4-month subscription and saved over 80€. It is a specially good deal if you dine out a lot, you could save much more than we did!

Our new favorite restaurant in Lisbon is actually one we tried due to the app: El Clandestino. It is dedicated to South American tacos and ceviches, and we have to recommend you try the Sangria – the Blanca is our favorite!

The photo you see is from another Mexican restaurant: Mez Cais. It’s not as good, but it is cheaper. However, we’re pretty sure it’s no longer a partner of Zomato Gold, so you won’t be able to use it.

If your interested in signing up you can use our code for 25% discount: MARI6826E.

Our DIY Christmas gifts this yearDIY Christmas Gifts

This might seem a bit random, specially considering this is an Autumn post… But considering Winter starts a couple of days before Christmas, we did the reasonable thing and prepared our gifts in Autumn. Doing handmade presents for our family has been a tradition we’ve been able to maintain for five years straight (woot-woot)! This year it was tough to find something to do, although we started thinking about this in September. Needless to say, there were quite a lot of failed recipes! Thankfully we do have some bulletproof recipes, which we ended up going back to (with a few twists to keep them interesting, of course!). DIYs are incredibly therapeutic for us and we truly cherish the time we are able to stop time (unfortunately not literally) and work on these products together.

The Heart of It by Estée Lalonde is one of our favorite podcastsThe Heart of It Podcast

(Maria only) Well, if you find yourself in this blog for the lifestyle section, it is highly likely that you already know Estée Lalonde. She is a Youtuber turned book writer, podcaster and everything in between… in today’s terms, an influencer. But for me Estée really stands out due to her communication skills. I find myself mesmerized by her makeup videos even though I won’t be buying anything she is talking about, I carefully listen to all her book recommendations even though I clearly won’t have time to read even one… But my favorite? This podcast! Each episode is dedicated to a topic and the themes are spot one: from protest, to travel, to identity and much more. There are inspiring guests, beautiful storytelling and you can feel all the love and dedication that goes into making the podcast by the whole team at Radio Wolfgang.

We started this post by stating the obvious: there is no time to try everything! Still, we are always looking for new recommendations so please do leave yours below!

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